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MG Interiors is a boutique design firm located in sunny Brevard County, Florida. Their passion in life is creating mindful and beautiful spaces that encourage contentment and serenity within a home. With a mission to explore, discover, understand, and change this world for the better, Maureen Gerrity and her team are offering people the opportunity to love where they live.


The home is the most personal (and thus, most important) place in the world, and that each of us deserves to feel at peace within those walls. Our surroundings play a large role in stress management, so consequently, existing day-to-day in a space we find harmonious and aesthetically pleasing allows the brain to function a bit better. MG Interiors’ goal is to identify your personal style, then apply it to a practical, functional, and beautiful home. They are ready to help you create a space you’re proud of. The team of dynamic design professionals cannot wait to meet you!

MGI was founded by Brevard Local, Maureen Gerrity. After originally obtaining a degree in Event Planning and Hospitality Management, Maureen discovered her true passion was home interiors. She worked for many years in the furniture industry as a top performer at her company, and this experience ultimately led her to pursue a certification in the Interior Design Field. Five years later, Maureen launched a small interior design and decorating business, which quickly flourished in the community. Today, MG Interiors is home to 16 talented women, including six Senior Designers and six Junior Designers. Our team is passionate about creating mindful, harmonious spaces that directly affect your mood. We believe home is your sanctuary and should be a place of peace among the chaos of today’s world.

They understand how constant and exhausting mom life can be because most of the women on their team are moms too! They pride themselves on marrying both form and function to create spaces that not only look magazine worthy, but serve you well, no matter what stage of life you are in. We are firm in the belief that you don’t have to sacrifice the aesthetic of your home for it to work for your family!


MG Interiors will be hosting a raffle at the SCML Soiree with over 10 winners!


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Phone: 321-759-3139


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